With the growing popularity of mountain biking in Switzerland, more and more people are taking up the sport. Currently, there are more mountain bikers than soccer players. With this in mind, we aim to build a venue in the Glâne region that is accessible and free to all, offering significant social and sporting benefits to the community.

Our aim is to create a space where young and old alike can come together, exchange ideas, have fun, challenge each other and learn from each other.

We firmly believe that a pumptrack would be the ideal way to realize this vision.


A pumptrack is a closed circuit made of bumps and curves that can be covered by all wheeled vehicles such as bikes, scooters, skateboards or roller skates by "pumping" over the bumps. The term "pumptrack" comes from two words: "pump" for "pumping" and "track" for "circuit".

A pumptrack is easy to access. This type of facility provides an excellent learning ground for movement, balance, coordination, technical skills and concentration.

A quality pumptrack is made of asphalt, which gives it excellent durability with minimal maintenance.


Our vision is to provide a place to live. Here is a concept of a rendering imagined for this place! We do not just want to create a sports infrastructure, but a welcoming and sharing place, a multigenerational place.

We want to create a welcoming place, equipped with tables and benches, where people come and stop to enjoy the spectacle unfolding before their eyes.

The project offers 2 lines: a kidstrack, suitable for beginners and children, and a more challenging pumptrack. A jump line is also integrated into the pump track to provide fun for everyone!

The project will be carried out in the town of Siviriez, at the exit of the village on the Ursy side, in the area sports called in Jogne. The general council unanimously voted to make the land available.

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Pump track siviriez

Tables and benches

Kids Track

Pump Track line


Starting platform

Pump Track line

Bike parking


Such an achievement has a cost, and not the least.

Here is an overview of the different positions and the project budget.

  • Project management 76'271 CHF

    Pre-project, Planning, Velosolution team costs

  • Field preparation 41'352 CHF

    Site installation, Drainage, Stripping, Earth disposal

  • Basic form 303'197 CHF

    Gravel base form, Asphalt surface

  • Vegetation 18'739 CHF

    Fine establishment, Seeding, Trees

  • various 10'663 CHF

    Reserve and unforeseen

  • Facilities 14'932 CHF

    Tables, Benches, Information panel

The total estimated cost is:

465'154 CHF


We offer different levels of partnership, each with its unique benefits, allowing everyone, from individuals to large companies, to get involved according to their abilities and visions.

From Chocolate Partner accessible to all, to Partner meteorite that offers unprecedented visibility, each level of partnership is a chance to demonstrate your commitment to the community and benefit from remarkable visibility.

Join us on this adventure, where each pedal stroke will be a note in the symphony of our collaboration

Meteorite partner (1x)

Become the Meteorite Partner and light the way for the Kids Track, which will bear your name.

As an exclusive sponsor, your logo will be the star at every corner of the children's circuit, proudly displayed six times. Your presence will also be prominent on the information panel and your name and logo will shine on the pumptrack website.

This leading partnership offers you unparalleled visibility on all our communication media, special recognition during major events.

This is a unique opportunity to show your commitment to the community and the sport, while receiving maximum exposure.

Platinum partner (1x)

Enjoy exclusivity by becoming the one and only Platinum Partner for a commitment of CHF 30'000.
By sponsoring the jumpline, your logo will become the symbol of every flight, capturing enthusiasm and eyeballs.

Your sign will appear on the information board and on our website, guaranteeing maximum visibility.

Enter a privileged circle, that of the major players in mountain biking, and benefit from unrivalled recognition at the heart of our dynamic and committed community.

Gold partner (7x)

Embrace exclusivity by becoming one of seven Gold Partners with an investment of CHF 10'000.

Your company will mark its territory on a pumptrack bend, where your logo will be the beacon of all eyes.
That's not all:your presence will be reinforced on the pumptrack's information board and website, highlighting your brand to our community of mountain bikers.

Enjoy golden visibility within an initiative that resonates with passion and dynamism.

Silver partner (10x)

Become a Money Partner for an investment of CHF 5'000 and be one of ten privileged people to shape the landscape of our pumptrack.

Your brand will take flight on one of the iconic moguls, offering continuous visibility with every jump.
Your logo and name will also be featured on our information board and pumptrack website, ensuring a remarkable digital and physical presence.

Support the momentum of our community while propelling your brand to new heights.

Bronze partner (20X)

Enjoy unprecedented visibility by joining the Bronze Partners, with a contribution of CHF 2'500, limited to just 20 partners.

Your logo will greet each participant on the starting platform, affirming your support from the very first pedal stroke.
It will also be displayed on the information board and your brand will have a place on our website, promising constant recognition with our visitors online and in the field.

This is your chance to join the passion for mountain biking and be recognized as a pillar of the pumptrack community.

Chocolate partner

As a Chocolate Partner, with a donation of CHF 1'000, you will have the pleasure of seeing your logo on our pumptrack information board, offering lasting visibility to all visitors.

In addition, your name and logo will appear on the pumptrack website, ensuring an online presence for our engaged audience.

This partnership opportunity is open to all, enabling every brand, large or small, to contribute to our community project and benefit from valuable recognition.


Every contribution, large or small, is an essential brick in the edifice of our exceptional project for the Glâne.

As a donor, your generosity is helping to make a vision a reality, that of a place for our community to meet and surpass itself.

Your support goes beyond a donation; it reflects a genuine collaboration to enrich local life through sport and sharing.

Together, let's make the Glâne an even more incredible place.


Do you want to become a partner? Contact us to find out how your contribution can enrich our project and to discuss partnership possibilities adapted to your vision and your commitment to the community.
You will find all the information to make a donation or become a partner sponsor in the sponsorship document


Your donation directly contributes to the creation of the pump track. Of course 100% of the amount paid will be allocated to the project.



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