We want to give riders the best possible experience by investing in the maintenance and creation of progressive, fun and varied mountain bike infrastructure


Bike Trail Association is a non-profit organization active in the maintenance and development of mountain bike infrastructures in the Glâne and its surroundings (in the state of Fribourg in Switzerland). We want to make our region a place known and appreciated for its fun and varied trails


In order to offer the best possible infrastructure and to complete the mountain bike offer in the Glâne, we are working on several projects in parallel.

You will find the main projects below.
We are fortunate to have had enthusiasts who created, in the 1990s, 8 official and marked MTB trails.
The creation of trails is not done just like that by putting up signs, but it is a certain number of official steps to be carried out to obtain an authorization from the Service of Forest and Nature (SFN) of the canton of Fribourg.

Every 5 years you have to renew these authorizations
Even though about 80% of the users of the trails are locals, there is a lack of information panels indicating the important things to know about the region and what it has to offer.

In collaboration with FRide we will create and implement the graphic line for the statewide information panels.

The goal is to have them installed for the 2023 season.
Until now the only way to discover the mountain bike trails in our region was through the tourist office. But the visibility remains very limited.

That’s why we have started the process to register some of the routes on Switzerland Mobility. Thus we will have a national visibility.
Pumptracks are starting to grow all over the French part of Switzerland! And that’s good! These infrastructures offer a place to have fun, to let off steam, to train and to progress technically.

So we have started the necessary steps to build one in Glâne!
In order to complete the mountain bike offer in the Glâne a project of bikepark / Trail center is under development

The objective is to offer new infrastructures to the riders like a flow trail, a jumpline and other fun and playful trails.


Are you a MTB enthusiast and want to join forces to develop your playground? Or do you want to support us to help us promote the assets of our region?

Then join us! By doing so, you allow us to have more visibility and more weight in discussions with official bodies.


You are a company, a foundation or a private individual and our association resonates with you? You wish to support us in one way or another? Contact us by mail!

Or would you like to make a donation to our association? You can do it here or by contacting us by mail


We are looking for sponsors and partners to develop our region and its infrastructure.
If you want to be part of the adventure, contact us!