Bike Trail Association is a non-profit organization active in the maintenance and development of mountain bike infrastructures in the Glâne and its surroundings. We want to make our region a place known and appreciated for its fun and varied trails.

Currently we are maintaining the 205km of existing trails and we want to develop new projects to further enhance our beautiful playground.

We are in close collaboration with the forestry and wildlife services of the region as well as the regional and cantonal tourism office to develop this sport in a sustainable and nature-friendly way.

If you wish to read the official statutes of the organization you can click on the button below (only in French).


We are a group of passionate mountain bikers who love our beautiful region. Having all grown up in the hills of the Glâne we have been enjoying for years the beautiful landscapes and forests that the Glânoise nature offers us.

After more than 15 or even 30 years of passion, we thought that there was more for our region.

Etienne Jaquier

Co-founder - President
After years of riding and shaping the hills of the area, dreaming and imagining the potential of our forests, he decided with Olivier and Antoine to create this organization. It is a dream that was born years ago during a trip to the USA where he saw what a similar association had been able to set up in their area.

Olivier Butty

Co-founder - Vice-president
Passionate about mountain biking and for a long time president of the MTB race "La Glânoise", he wants to make this region a nationally and internationally recognized MTB center. With his energy and his enthusiasm he gives himself fully to the development of the association.

Antoine Jaquier

Co-founder - Technical manager
Creator of 5 of the 8 currently official courses and person responsible for their maintenance since 1995, Antoine is a lover of cycling and mountain biking. All his life he has been immersed in this sport and has made it available to all users in this region and beyond.

Thibault Waeber

A great lover of cycling, Thibault is above all motivated by the idea of developing something new for and in this region that he loves so much.
In order to complete our committee we are looking for someone interested in taking over the sponsoring and partnership side.

If such a challenge motivates you, contact us.


In order to carry out our mission, we collaborate with the various official bodies of the canton of Fribourg such as: the municipalities, the Service of Forests and Nature, the forestry corporation of our region and the various other political and tourist actors of the Glâne.
We are in close collaboration with the tourist office of Romont, an essential and long-standing supporter of the development of MTB in this region.
We collaborate with FRide SA in the project of the state mountain bike network BIKE-IN FR25. We are, within the framework of this project, the referents for the region of the Glâne.
We are also in contact with the main actors of mountain biking in the Glâne region such as the bike school "Kids Bike Horizon" which trains more than 150 youngsters, the "Cyclophile Romontois" a historical actor of mountain biking and cycling in the Glâne region and the MTB race "La Glânoise" which is well known far and wide and attracts more than 1,000 competitors each year.