Here you will find the latest news on the progress of our projects.

Our goal is to maintain the current infrastructure as well as to develop new things in our region, so the projects are very varied.

We do not only want to have something to ride but also to develop the culture around mountain biking and to create a global offer in the Glâne.

Of course, all the projects undertaken are done in collaboration with FRide, the carrier of the cantonal MTB project, so that everything fits in the line desired by the canton of Fribourg.


We are fortunate to have had enthusiasts who created, in the 1990s, 8 official and marked MTB trails.

The creation of trails is not done just like that by putting up signs, but it is a certain number of official steps to be carried out to obtain an authorization from the Service of Forest and Nature (SFN) of the canton of Fribourg.

Every 5 years you have to renew these authorizations
We have received the authorizations of harmful exploitation of the forest! With these authorizations the trails have officially the right to exist.

The last big step will be to sign the agreements between the municipalities, the forestry corporation and us (Bike Trail Association) in order to define the responsibilities in case of accident, the definition of the roles of each one with regard to the courses and the distribution of the maintenance costs.
We are there!
The official request has been sent to the canton. We just have to wait for their decision.
Publication in “La Liberté”, “la Gruyère” and the “Feuille Officielle” of a consultation period with the private owners concerned by the mountain bike routes

No opposition was expressed. The routes are therefore validated by the private owners.
All the communes have validated the routes of the proposed mountain bike trails.
Who: RGV (Région Glâne Veveyse), Forestry Corporation, OT (Office du tourisme), FRide, Municipalities from the Glâne, Municipalities from the Veveyse and canton of Vaud affected by the trails, Trustee of Glâne and Veveyse, BTA (Bike Trail Association)

Course of the meeting :
 - Presentation of the cantonal project by FRide
 - Presentation of the role of mountain biking for tourism in the region by the Tourism Office
 - Presentation of the association, the current infrastructure and future projects by BTA
 - Presentation of the rights and duties inherent to such infrastructures by the forestry corporation
 - Explanation of the vision of the Glâne for mountain biking by the RGV Request for validation of the mountain bike routes to the communes concerned
Who: Forestry Corporation, OT (Office of Tourism), RGV (Region Glâne Veveyse), BTA (Bike Trail Association)

Course of the meeting :
 - Explanation of the situation and the important points for the development of mountain biking in Glâne
 - Definition of the roles and content of the meeting with the communes
 - Setting up of a think tank in the Glâne
Who: SFN (Service of the Forest and Nature), Sorting Forester, BTA (Bike Trail Association)

Purpose of the meeting:
 - Discussion of the GPS trails and decisions on some contentious issues
 - Validation of the routes
 - Definition of the next steps
Update of the GPS tracks of the mountain bike trails and addition of proposed modifications.
Who: SFN (Service of the Forest and Nature), Sorting Forester, OT (Office of Tourism), BTA (Bike Trail Association)

Goal of the session:
 - 1st contact between all the actors concerned by mountain biking in Glâne
 - Presentation and explanation of the roles of each
 - Explanation of the official procedures for mountain bike trails
 - Explanation of certain problems due to the practice of mountain biking


Even though about 80% of the users of the trails are local, there is a lack of information panels indicating the important things to know about the region and what it has to offer.

In collaboration with FRide we will create and implement the graphic line of the cantonal information panels.

The goal is to have them installed for the 2023 season.
Who: FRide, 1st Forest District, BTA (Bike Trail Association)

Presentation of the graphic concept
Discussion and validation of the different elements
Validation of the cantonal marking concept

Explanation of needs and presentation of ideas and validation of the schedule

Research of ideas and concepts for display panels and various signage and definition of their content.


Until now the only way to discover the mountain bike routes in our region was through the tourist office. But the visibility remains very limited.

That's why we have started the process to register some of the routes on Switzerland Mobility. Thus we will have a national visibility.
Goal of the meeting:
1st contact with Suisse Mobile for Pierre and Jérémie
Presentation of the reflections made on our side

Following discussions, it was decided to retain the C, E and G routes to register them on Switzerland Mobility.
The steps will take time, it is necessary to count between 8 and 12 months until the official marking is installed.
We had a meeting with the two people in charge of the project within the organization to give them the lead of the project and start the registration process on Suisse Mobile.

A big thank you to Pierre Curchod and Jérémie Connus who are in charge of pulling this project forward.
Who: Suisse Mobile, OT (Tourism Office), BTA (Bike Trail Association)

1st discussion on the project to register routes on Suisse Mobile
Explanation of the vision of Suisse Mobile and the steps to follow


Pumptracks are starting to grow all over the French part of Switzerland! And that's good! These infrastructures offer a place to have fun, to let off steam, to train and to progress technically.

So we have started the necessary steps to build one in Glâne!
Following the presentation of the proposal to the CC and CG a first positive notice has been given.
The project can be started and will be presented to the general council later this spring.
Presentation of what a pumptrack is and proposal to create a pumptrack in the commune.
During the discussions, some ideas about the place were proposed but they have to be discussed by the municipal and general council.
Following the meeting of the Common Council, the first proposal of place did not make the unanimity within the council. They proposed us to evaluate another place more suitable for this.

For the next step, we are reflecting on their proposal and at the same time, we are looking at other possible locations for this project.
Who: Municipality of Romont, OT (Tourism Office), Kids Bike Horizon, Velosolution, BTA (Bike Trail Association)

Goal of the session:
 - Presentation of the pumptrack project in Glâne, the interest of such an infrastructure and why to realize it in Romont
 - Velosolution presented the company and their working methods
 - Exchanges and discussions around this subject

The municipality of Romont must now take a position on the proposed project.


In order to complete the mountain bike offer in the Glâne a project of bikepark / Trail center is under development

The objective is to offer new infrastructures to the riders like a flow trail, a jumpline and other fun and playful trails.
Purpose of the session:
To present the concept of the bike park project and discuss the area being considered for its implementation.

The feedback was quite positive but they expressed some reservations about the proposed concept. It will be necessary to rework the whole thing to reduce the impact on wildlife. Moreover, before taking an official position, the SFN requests an analysis of the nesting sites as well as a fauna extract of the species present in the project perimeter.
Purpose of the session:
To present the bikepark project and the ideas that there are for this project. Le but final est de permettre à la commune de réfléchir et se positionner sur leur désire de développer ce projet sur leur territoire ou pas.

Their first feedback is positive but they need a feedback from the session with the SFN and the forestry corporation to move forward. Once they have this information, they will discuss it at the council to define whether or not they want to go ahead.
Purpose of the session:
To present the association and our mission as well as the imagined area for the project.

The feedback from both organizations is that they need a report/advice from the SFN because they know the field best.
They appreciate having been approached in advance.
After having put energy into setting up the association and carrying out other projects, it is finally time to relaunch this one.

3 invitations have been sent out to discuss the location for the development of a Bikepark.
It is planned to meet:
-The concerned municipality, the main owner of the area under consideration
-The WWF and ProNatura in order to present the project to them and to allow them to make remarks or criticisms about the chosen area
-the SFN and the forestry corporation to get the opinion of the people in the field
1st contact with the commission in charge in the municipality to first present the association but also to propose a project of Bikepark on the communal forest surface.

A first idea was presented with the following infrastructure
– a picknick place
– an easy flow trail
– a small course with technical modules for children
– fun trails
– a jumpline

The idea of the project has appealed. Now we need to move forward with the reflections and refine the concept.